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Why would you book a newborn photographer?

So, you are expecting and you are super excited!
Firstly, Congratulations on your amazing news!

Having a baby is SO SPECIAL. And so busy.
You will find yourself looking at your little miracle and wondering “you are so perfect, how are you even mine.”
Your heart will be so full of love and joy, you will find yourself so busy between feeds, nappies, washing, naps, that the days pass so quickly and when you blink, it’s your baby’s first birthday.

As a mother myself, I know first hand how those first few weeks fly by, in fact they just become a blur in the long run, because we are so sleep deprived, tired, trying to get used to this new phase of our lives, that sometimes we end up forgetting to do things like: having a baby shoot!

I remember wanting one SO BADLY for my first baby, but nearly 8 years ago this newborn photography thing wasn’t as huge in the UK as it is now. I remember I couldn’t find what I wanted over here (back then, it was huge in America already, so I wanted something to that standard).
So I finally found a lady, her photos looked cute, I was around 35 weeks at that point, i messaged her and she said “message me when your baby is born and I will fit you in”
I thought great, thats fine.
I forgot to message the woman. yes. I FORGOT.
I messaged her when my baby was like 3 weeks old and she replied saying “Sorry I have no spaces and he is too old now”.

I was devastated.

The result? I never got the pictures I wanted of my newborn son.

Yes I was upset, I tried to push that to the back of my mind, and as he grew bigger and bigger, the more I wish I had those photos to look back and remember how little he was when he was first born.

Now he is just short of being 8, and I take photos of beautiful newborns every day.
Every time my client’s huge wall art arrive with their fresh little baby on it, I LOVE IT SO MUCH, and I am so excited for my clients, but also I cant help but feel a tad jealous that I will never have that of my own kids.

I mean cmon, who would want a huge 50” orb of of a 7 year old with an awkward forced smile and load of missing teeth? That is nowhere near as cute as a sleepy newborn baby ;) lol. (Only joking, they are both cute!)

My point here is, that really special time when they are just born and are wrinklier than your grandpa, doesn’t last long. AT ALL.
And you will forever miss it. I’m telling you.

Having those precious images to look back is like a returning ticket to a moment otherwise gone.
You will never regret having a newborn photoshoot. These photos will be priceless to you.

So, when my second baby was born 5 and half years ago, I thought let’s be organised, and book a shoot for her in advance.
I didn’t have a lot of money then so I went for the cheapest option: Someone was just starting out and offered me a free baby shoot in exchange for portfolio images. I thought great, jackpot.


SHE LOST ALL OF THE IMAGES, before giving them to me. I kid you not.

So I haven’t got those memories for my daughter either.

As a professional photographer, of course I always wish I could shrink them back so I could capture them as newborns again, but seen as that isn’t yet available in the market, I will carry on capturing those precious images for all the lucky mamas & dads that come to me ;) hehe!

If you are considering having a newborn session, message, email, call me. I would love to be able to capture those memories for you.
If you can’t afford it, and is thinking about going elsewhere, that is of course your choice, but please, check their portfolio, and make sure you are 100% happy with their images, if you find yourself thinking ‘Susan Photog (fake name obvs) isn’t as good as the other expensive photog I originally wanted, and I am not sure I am happy to go with her’. Honeslty, please, try to save up, or do a payment plan with your chosen photographer. Because you only get ONE CHANCE. Its like your wedding day, you cant re marry because the photos aren’t good.
This is why you have to choose wisely!
We are here to help, we are here to create the most precious memories for you at this very special time of your life, and can sort something special for everyone’s needs.

Here is my attempt of a “newborn shoot” of my own daughter, lol poor kid - Also let me add, I’ve started my career in photography about 5 years ago, after I had my daughter.

And a lovely image I have created for a client (A good 4 years later lol) <3

Hehe the laugh is on me

Love, Annie


Mobile session - Baby Darcy

So many have suggested names on Facebook and Instagram, aand her mama finally picked her name,

Welcome to the world beautiful little DARCY <3

I travelled all the way to Liverpool to meet this little beauty, and she was absolutely golden, loved her session!